Apple’s shock Siri surveillance demands a swift response

Apple’s shock Siri surveillance demands a swift response

News that Siri records snippets of our conversations with the voice assistant isn’t new, but claims that those short recordings are listened to by human agents is — particularly in light of the company’s big push on privacy.

These are bad optics for Apple

I’m a passionate believer in the importance of privacy.

It isn’t only important in terms of preserving hard-won liberties and protecting public discourse; it’s also of growing importance across every part of human existence — for every school, medical facility, or enterprise. History shows that the absence of privacy has a corrosive effect on society, turning family members against each other and dampening innovation.

Apple’s warnings around privacy — including Apple CEO Tim Cook’s warning that many of the tech firms we work with daily are marching us into a surveillance state — are important (if not always convenient to those who argue that privacy is just something we should sacrifice for the good of the robots that we make).

However, the revelation that Apple has not made it clear that recordings of our private conversations are being shared with “contractors” for “quality control” and “training” purposes is a really bad look for the company.

What Apple is saying

Apple states that:

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