Slack tweaks desktop app to be faster, more efficient

Slack tweaks desktop app to be faster, more efficient

Slack has overhauled its desktop software, adding offline access and tweaking the software for faster load times.

Recent efforts to improve the desktop app were highlighted at Slack Frontiers last year and the coming update – which the company says will launch 33% faster than before – will be available to users “over the next few weeks.”

Calls made to team mates via the app should be a speedier too, up to 10 times quicker, Slack said. “That could mean the difference between showing up to a meeting on time or not,” the company said in a blog post Monday. “These moments saved can quickly add up, giving you more time to focus on the tasks at hand.”

Slack also said the desktop app will run more efficiently, with a 50% reduction in memory use in some cases. While many users may be unaware of the change, those that routinely switch between memory-draining applications may benefit.  

“These changes are mostly under-the-hood and should be unnoticed by users,” said Larry Cannell, a research director at Gartner. “Companies that use a large number of workspaces will see improvements in desktop memory use and startup times, likely leading to snappier desktop performance for users. 

“I haven’t heard of any problems before this, but it’s good that Slack recognized the limitations in their current approach and moved to fix them,” he said.

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